Friday, November 4, 2011


S. was invited to be in the parade, but she threw a fit and wouldn't wear any costume.
She walked for a little bit with B. though.

Captain America going to save the world! (ie. Score some candy)

There they go!

Last minute M. has the brilliant idea to have S. wear a Shark costume.  She loved it.  
Almost as much as she loves C-A-N-D-Y!

Carving Pumpkins

We like to get together with friends to carve pumpkins.  I guess if you are going to make a big mess, you might as well make a REALLY big mess.  

Yup, we use power tools around here :)

Mario preparing his masterpiece

Madelin with the first jack-o-lantern that she carved by herself!




A really bad photo of the decorations on the front of our house, but since Mario spent so much time putting it together, I figured you have to suffer through it :)

Argh... Halloween

We attended 3 Halloween parties this weekend (Yeah, we ARE crazy)
Here's the first
3 Captains and a Fairy

Blue candy = Blue teeth  I don't think Sofi's teeth were white all weekend :)
Ben bobbing for apples

Can he get one?

Yes He Can! 

Is it a Pirate Ship?

Or is it a Porsche...  You decide :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ben's Garden

We don't have much room for a garden where we live right now, so this year we have 4 pots and a planter box.  Actually it's just about the right size for Ben and I to take care of.
Ben was so excited when we got to pull radishes a couple of weeks ago. (He even tried one- it was hot until I peeled the red skin off.)

Yesterday he got to use a KNIFE to cut squash.  

(What is it with boys and kinves?) 

Here's our little garden!